Modified from Diversity and Inclusion Lab Poster by Dr. Sammy Katta. Please commit to the pledge:

Core values and principles

Our lab embraces diversity in gender, scientific background, nationality, disability, ethnicity, race, religion, language, and ideas. As such, we are deeply committed to creating an equitable and inclusive learning and work environment for everyone. All members of our lab are supported to reach their career goals with respect, kindness, and equity.

Health and wellness: 

A healthy work-life balance is critical to productivity and health. Our lab prioritizes physical and mental health above all else by encouraging regular and flexible work hours, taking real vacation time, taking personal time to refresh and prevent burnout, and providing workplace accommodations. We create an inclusive environment by scheduling meetings at agreeable times during normal working hours (e.g. 10-3pm), when trainees with child-care responsibilities can count on support.

Safe learning environment:

Our lab strongly believes that there are no failed experiments as long as proper controls are included. The scientific process seeks new knowledge that is independent of whether the hypothesis is true or false. We learn the most when things don't go as planned, which provides us with the opportunity to interpret, revise, correct, adapt, and optimize the next experiment. Our lab encourages "mistakes" and promotes experiential learning in an equitable and inclusive environment. All members learn about EDI, systemic barriers, unconscious bias, and conflict management. Diversity naturally leads to different perspectives and approaches to science, and as such, ALL ideas and questions will be considered with respect and attention. 

Resources for EDI and health and wellness: